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    • HipVan - Madison Lounge Chair HipVan - Madison Lounge Chair
    • Madison Lounge Chair $599
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      We picture you lounging back, looking your fine self, basking in the comfort and confidence that this expansive lounge chair offers, dawning a black turtle-neck (they're back!), sipping on something bitter. This can be you! Of course, we can't forget the genuine cow-hide leather in aged two-toned finish!

      Width: 49.6" Depth: 33.5" Height: 30.3" Seat Depth: 23.6"
    • HipVan - Chelsea Armchair HipVan - Chelsea Armchair
    • Chelsea Armchair $349
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      Yes 'the one' comes in two versions...hello opportunity! This armchair has all the swag of the Chelsea Sofa in a smaller package. We view these two like penguins - best kept together... but we also understand when space is tight (shout out to NYC), so if you can't have both, at least you can have one.

      Width: 34.6" Depth: 33.5" Height: 33.5" Seat Depth: 22"
    • HipVan - Bedford Armchair HipVan - Bedford Armchair
    • Bedford Armchair $299
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      For weeks, we struggled to find the answer—how do we offer the wonder and beauty of the Bedford Sofa for someone that doesn't need a sofa? They say genius only strikes once, and we were there to witness our colleague Wenda rise to the occasion by asking "why don't we make the Bedford Sofa into an armchair?". We had found our solution! Group hug ensued.

      Width: 35.7" Depth: 33.5" Height: 30.7" Seat Depth: 18.7"