The Bedford Collection

A simple collection of functional furniture made with natural colours and materials inspired by the artist's loft in Brooklyn.

    • HipVan - Bedford Sofa HipVan - Bedford Sofa
    • Bedford Sofa $499
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      Easy does it with the Bedford Sofa. The Chelsea Sofa's understated hombre, this sofa was purposefully built to withstand 3 fine citizens on a mind blowing range of justifiably chill affairs. If the Bedford sofa could talk, it would tell you stories about a simpler time, in a simpler place.

      Width: 74.4" Depth: 35" Height: 33.5" Seat Depth: 18.7"
    • HipVan - Bedford Armchair HipVan - Bedford Armchair
    • Bedford Armchair $299
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      For weeks, we struggled to find the answer—how do we offer the wonder and beauty of the Bedford Sofa for someone that doesn't need a sofa? They say genius only strikes once, and we were there to witness our colleague Wenda rise to the occasion by asking "why don't we make the Bedford Sofa into an armchair?". We had found our solution! Group hug ensued.

      Width: 35.7" Depth: 33.5" Height: 30.7" Seat Depth: 18.7"
    • HipVan - Bedford Coffee Table HipVan - Bedford Coffee Table
    • Bedford Coffee Table $59
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      This is a coffee table. In its simplicity, we hope that you see endless possibilities — to unleash your inner painter, to proudly share your enthusiasm for anything DIY with the world. You no longer have to hide it. It's okay, this is a safe environment. We salute you. However, if your perspective on furniture is purely functional: this table was made from a single piece of birch plywood, with an earthy natural finish.

      Diameter: 23.6" Height: 17.7"
    • HipVan - Bedford Dining Table HipVan - Bedford Dining Table
    • Bedford Dining Table $119
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      We can't be all things to everyone, but we feel it is our duty to enable you and your crew to continue creating embarrassing memories well into middle age. And that's why we created this rectangular dining table for use as your personal canvas, literally or otherwise. Keeping things consistent, this table is also made from a single piece of thick birch plywood, finished in an earthy natural tone.

      Width: 47.3" Depth: 23.7" Height: 29.6"
    • HipVan - Bedford Dining Chair (Set of 4) HipVan - Bedford Dining Chair (Set of 4)
    • Bedford Dining Chair (Set of 4) $179
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      Thank goodness for chairs. Last time we checked, standing and socializing was only a thing in British pub culture. We're more into the sitting variety—continuing with the single piece of thick birch plywood and earthy natural tones, matched with chrome-plated metal legs. And if you desire, paint your heart out. Happy happy sitting!

      Width: 16.9" Depth: 17.7" Height: 33.9" Seat Height: 18.5"
    • HipVan - Bedford Sofa Bed HipVan - Bedford Sofa Bed
    • Bedford Sofa Bed $299
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      Here's to those indecisive amongst us. This fine apparatus might come in a box, but it's not about to be put back into one. It cannot and shall not be defined by any single term. This hunky, hexagonal stitched gift from the furniture gods hails from the multi-hyphenated generation, managing to flourish as both a futon and sofa.

      Width: 72.8" Depth: 36.6" Height: 35" Bed Depth: 46.9"