The Chelsea Collection

A modern collection of furniture inspired by mid-century designs updated with industrial accents.

    • HipVan - Chelsea Sofa HipVan - Chelsea Sofa
    • Chelsea Sofa $699
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      Dim the lights, cue the smooth jazz, because this isn't just a sofa. This is a mid-century style, firm curved-backed, technicolor button, rose-gold legged sofa. And damn is it one hell of an operator.

      Width: 72.4" Depth: 33.5" Height: 33.5" Seat Depth: 22"
    • HipVan - Chelsea Armchair HipVan - Chelsea Armchair
    • Chelsea Armchair $349
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      Yes 'the one' comes in two versions...hello opportunity! This armchair has all the swag of the Chelsea Sofa in a smaller package. We view these two like penguins - best kept together... but we also understand when space is tight (shout out to NYC), so if you can't have both, at least you can have one.

      Width: 34.6" Depth: 33.5" Height: 33.5" Seat Depth: 22"
    • HipVan - Chelsea Coffee Table HipVan - Chelsea Coffee Table
    • Chelsea Coffee Table $149
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      Built to sit pretty in any living room, this simple, elegant coffee table was designed with versatility and minimalism in mind. We love the smooth matte carbon gray table top and the classic wooden dowel legs. Recommended use: please, go ahead, rest your legs, stack treasured magazines, or, you know, to take on your arch-nemesis in a game of backgammon!

      Width: 39.4" Depth: 21.7" Height: 16"
    • HipVan - Chelsea Dining Table HipVan - Chelsea Dining Table
    • Chelsea Dining Table $299
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      We designed the Chelsea Dining Table to make you the social butterfly that you always aspired to be. Picture 4 to 6 ridiculously good looking Swedes eating, drinking, dancing together. It's round. It's proud. And it's perfect for your social indulgences.

      Diameter: 41.4" Height: 29.6"
    • HipVan - Chelsea Dining Chair (Set of 2) HipVan - Chelsea Dining Chair (Set of 2)
    • Chelsea Dining Chair (Set of 2) $179
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      The Swedes need a place to sit, people! A steady platform from which party tricks can be adequately performed. And just to make sure the ground is firm, we've added criss-crossed wooden frame legs. Oh yeah, we also upholstered these chairs in 100% polyester fabric to make it easy for up keeping!

      Width: 19.5" Depth: 18.3" Height: 30.7" Seat Height: 18.7"
    • HipVan - Chelsea Sofa Bed HipVan - Chelsea Sofa Bed
    • Chelsea Sofa Bed $349
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      And (sadly) once the party is over, be a good host, let your friends rest comfortably on this modern convertible sofa bed. We say it can fit 2, but if you're trying to optimize for a solid cuddle sesh, 4 is reasonable. Oh yes, groundbreaking technology has allowed us to offer 2 reclined positions, at 45 degrees, or fully flat. What a time to be alive!

      Width: 73.3" Depth: 37.8" Height: 32.7" Bed Depth: 40.6"