Dining Tables

The heart of the home, our round dining table and wooden dining tables
create the perfect settings for warm boisterous meals and long conversations.

    • HipVan - Madison Dining Table HipVan - Madison Dining Table
    • Madison Dining Table $499
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      Rectangular because everyone knows you have a secret love for table tennis—and now you have an excuse to also buy a dining table. Finished in warm american walnut veneer, this table offers just the right amount of bounce for the ping pong ball to effortlessly float side to side. You're no Shiwen Liu (shout out to this OG player), but we all know your back-hand is as smooth as Federer's forehead. Game. Set. Match.

      Width: 70.9" Depth: 35.5" Height: 29.6"
    • HipVan - Chelsea Dining Table HipVan - Chelsea Dining Table
    • Chelsea Dining Table $299
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      We designed the Chelsea Dining Table to make you the social butterfly that you always aspired to be. Picture 4 to 6 ridiculously good looking Swedes eating, drinking, dancing together. It's round. It's proud. And it's perfect for your social indulgences.

      Diameter: 41.4" Height: 29.6"
    • HipVan - Bedford Dining Table HipVan - Bedford Dining Table
    • Bedford Dining Table $119
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      We can't be all things to everyone, but we feel it is our duty to enable you and your crew to continue creating embarrassing memories well into middle age. And that's why we created this rectangular dining table for use as your personal canvas, literally or otherwise. Keeping things consistent, this table is also made from a single piece of thick birch plywood, finished in an earthy natural tone.

      Width: 47.3" Depth: 23.7" Height: 29.6"