Sofa Beds

As a sofa or converted guest bed, our sofa beds / futons
are designed for ultimate comfort and quality that lasts.

    • HipVan - Madison Sofa Bed HipVan - Madison Sofa Bed
    • Madison Sofa Bed $499
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      One of our design heroes once said they loved black because it affirms, designs, and styles. Whether fashion or furniture, we believe the same to be true in the case of this convertible sofa bed, with deep seats, high backrest, and upholstered in premium bonded leather. To complete the look, every purchase also includes two throw pillows. As our Canadian colleague Moh would say, not bad, eh?!

      Width: 75.2" Depth: 37" Height: 33" Bed Depth: 44.5"
    • HipVan - Chelsea Sofa Bed HipVan - Chelsea Sofa Bed
    • Chelsea Sofa Bed $349
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      And (sadly) once the party is over, be a good host, let your friends rest comfortably on this modern convertible sofa bed. We say it can fit 2, but if you're trying to optimize for a solid cuddle sesh, 4 is reasonable. Oh yes, groundbreaking technology has allowed us to offer 2 reclined positions, at 45 degrees, or fully flat. What a time to be alive!

      Width: 73.3" Depth: 37.8" Height: 32.7" Bed Depth: 40.6"
    • HipVan - Bedford Sofa Bed HipVan - Bedford Sofa Bed
    • Bedford Sofa Bed $299
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      Here's to those indecisive amongst us. This fine apparatus might come in a box, but it's not about to be put back into one. It cannot and shall not be defined by any single term. This hunky, hexagonal stitched gift from the furniture gods hails from the multi-hyphenated generation, managing to flourish as both a futon and sofa.

      Width: 72.8" Depth: 36.6" Height: 35" Bed Depth: 46.9"