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    • HipVan - Madison Sofa with Ottoman HipVan - Madison Sofa with Ottoman
    • Madison Sofa with Ottoman $1699
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      After a disastrous 2016, it's time to up your sofa game. This Madison Sofa with Ottoman is upholstered in genuine cowhide leather, and tanned to a two-toned finish. For the lanky amongst us, the additional standalone ottoman comes in really handy. Fits three comfortably, five really comfortably. But that's just us. Did we mention free delivery, and free assembly? We got you.

      Width: 109.4" Depth: 33.5" Height: 30.3" Seat Depth: 23.6"
    • HipVan - Chelsea Sofa HipVan - Chelsea Sofa
    • Chelsea Sofa $699
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      Dim the lights, cue the smooth jazz, because this isn't just a sofa. This is a mid-century style, firm curved-backed, technicolor button, rose-gold legged sofa. And damn is it one hell of an operator.

      Width: 72.4" Depth: 33.5" Height: 33.5" Seat Depth: 22"
    • HipVan - Bedford Sofa HipVan - Bedford Sofa
    • Bedford Sofa $499
      Ships FREE within 5 days ?
      Easy does it with the Bedford Sofa. The Chelsea Sofa's understated hombre, this sofa was purposefully built to withstand 3 fine citizens on a mind blowing range of justifiably chill affairs. If the Bedford sofa could talk, it would tell you stories about a simpler time, in a simpler place.

      Width: 74.4" Depth: 35" Height: 33.5" Seat Depth: 18.7"